Best Free and Premium Shopify Referral Apps

best free and premium shopify referral apps

It might come as a surprise to you but word of mouth influences 80% of buying decisions, and customers trust referrals over every channel. Because your customers know at least one other new customer, rewarding them for making a referral will become an effective strategy for your web store. The good news is, you can now run rewarding programs effortlessly without having to spend a lot of money but using a powerful tool: Shopify Referral apps.

Their main task is to help you offer special promotions, free gifts, or coupons to your customers who invite their friends to make purchases in your store. Those referred shoppers will also get rewarded later on. Therefore, customers are more likely to visit your shop regularly so that they can refer others to make purchases in order to claim more rewards. By this way, you will not only attain more loyal customers and build brand image but also earn more sales and gradually boom your business.

Now it’s time to check out some of the best Referral apps for Shopify.

Shopify Referral Candy App by ReferralCandy

Shopify Referral Candy App by ReferralCandy
Shopify Referral Candy App by

Capturing more customers and keeping them come back to your Shopify online store are no longer difficult tasks since you can use Referral Candy. This app offers customizable designs for pop-ups and emails so that you can send them in the most charming way to your customers. The designs and templates are available via Theme Editor where you can find great filters, background, and fonts to make them fit your brand and create impression with the clients. Moreover, the app also offers free gifts and coupons for admins to distribute to customers who refer friends to make purchases.In addition, Referral Candy is friendly with other marketing and optimization sales apps such as MailChimp, ReCharge, Paywhirl and more, serving you even better.

Reviews and rating:

  • 4.8/5

Pricing and trial days:

  • 30 trial days
  • Basic: $49 per month

Demo Store

Key features:

  • Manage the entire referral process from emails to offer landing pages to pop-ups
  • Customize referral emails using email editor with drag-and-drop OR HTML/CSS editing
  • Allow for adding your brand image to the simple theme
  • Offer cash rewards, coupon codes, and a special gift
  • Send referral rewards to customers automatically
  • View referral sales, clicks and traffic via Google Analytics with industry benchmarks
  • Track results via Mailchimp
  • Allow for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger
  • Support affiliate marketing mode to partner with influencers
  • Provide several referral programs: Swell, Smile, Bamboo, Loyalty Lion, Conjured, Refersion, ShoutOut, LeadDyno, etc.
  • Work well with Paywhirl, ReCharge, Recurring Orders, S-loyalty, Bold, Mailchimp

Shopify Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals App by S Loyalty

Shopify Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals App by S Loyalty
Shopify Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals App by
S Loyalty

Integrating with one of Shopify’s leading referral programs to automatically reward customers who refer their friends to make purchases, Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals app is the right app that you should opt to use. The app aims at helping you engage first-time referred shoppers and return customers by displaying rewards tabs and notifications on your storefront, increasing customer loyalty and ultimately driving sales. Within only 10 minutes, you can set up a beautifully integrated loyalty program and please your regular customers with multiple types of rewards. Especially, this Referral app helps you with details such as excluding customers or answering the question if points are included based on the order or payment fulfillment.

Reviews and rating:

  • 4.7/5

Pricing and trial days:

  • 14 trial days
  • Free plan: free
  • Basic – Premium plan: $19.99 per month
  • Higher Volume plan: $199.99 per month

Demo Store

Key features:

  • Provide customers with special promotions during weekends and holidays by offering extra points, special event bonuses, and more
  • Offer personalized rewards like “Welcome” and “Birthday” bonuses
  • Send caring messages such as “Thank You” messages
  • Instruct customers to easily apply a discount code to their carts with ease-to-use Shopify discount codes
  • Offer quick designed templates for campaigns
  • Support multiple languages
  • Send visually branded notifications about the latest reward offers and their points balance to customers
  • Provide advanced features for High Volume Sales, such as scheduling expiration for unused rewards points or discount codes
  • Work for desktops and mobile devices
  • Offer highly customizable settings, including signature theme image, loyalty points’ custom name and so on
  • Choose when to add loyalty points to customers
  • Track customer purchasing and point redemption history and
  • Work well with ReferralCandy, Weglot, and Langify

Shopify Bamboo · Referral Program App by Beans

Shopify Bamboo · Referral Program App by Beans
Shopify Bamboo · Referral Program App by

As compared to standard advertising which is very expensive, it will cost you almost nothing to use a referral program such as Bamboo · Referral Program. This tool provides an effective way to empower your customers to share your products and services with their network. Using the app, you are enabled to create a referral program to reward customers who invite their friends to your web store. In particular, your customers will receive a unique referral link which they use to share to their friends. If they succeed in getting the referred customers shop in the store using the referral link, both of the referred shoppers and the advocates will get rewarded. As a result, customers are more likely to visit your store regularly to refer others to make purchases in order to claim more rewards.

Reviews and rating:

  • 4.2/5

Pricing and trial days:

  • Basic plan: free
  • Premium plan: $29 per month

Demo Store

  • Not available

key features:

  • Provide a unique referral link for customers to share it with their friends
  • Offer a rewarded program for shoppers using the referral link and the advocates as well
  • Create a good looking referral page in the store automatically
  • Set up your own rules for the referral program
  • View and manage all referred customers
  • Enable or disable the app with a single click
  • Integrate with Referral system

Shopify Gather: Refer a Friend App by Sourcecraft

Shopify Gather: Refer a Friend App by Sourcecraft
Shopify Gather: Refer a Friend App by Sourcecraft

If you want to cut your advertising and Facebook retargeting spend but still attain a certain number of customers, Gather: Refer a Friend app is such a perfect tool for you. Besides offering customer-to-customer referrals automation, this app also provides Exit Intent email capture popups as well as unique coupon codes to reward your customers. Using Gather: Refer a Friend with several targeting options, you can track your customers’ data and the app will help you sync the data directly with other email marketing apps, growing your email newsletter base and converting visitors to subscribers. Above all, you can set up this Referral app and get it ready in as little as 60 seconds without any coding knowledge.

Reviews and rating:

  • 5.0/5

Pricing and trial days:

  • 14 trial days
  • Business plan: $39 per month
  • Plus plan: $99 per month
  • Annual business: $29.17 per month
  • Annual plus: $74.17 per month

Demo Store

Key features:

  • Provide email and newsletter referral programs
  • Send a list of Gmail contacts to advocates so that they can refer directly from their contact list
  • Support referrals via Facebook, including Facebook Messenger
  • Send automated referral emails on behalf of the advocates
  • Manage referrals by viewing who referred who
  • Offer highly targeted pop-up overlays 
  • Prevent discount code abuse with unique (Bulk) discounts, and duplicate emails
  • Offer discount codes to customers adding items to the cart and exiting your store without logging in
  • Track customers’ data: which page and referring sites they are on, which items are in the cart and how many of them, etc.
  • Sync data directly with other email marketing apps
  • Provide exit intent, page timer, site session timer
  • Offer unique discount codes for each individual
  • Work well with klaviyo, mailchimp, campaign monitor, dotmailer, aweber, and Emma

Shopify Referral apps suggested above are excellent tools for you to acquire more customers and attain loyal shoppers. If you are searching for more Shopify apps, you might find something valuable in top Shopify apps and Best Free and Premium Shopify Apps for Seamless Browsing on Websites.

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